Optimising wellness at your worksite

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Optimising wellness at your worksite

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Nutritional programmes based on your metabolism

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Nutritional programmes based on your metabolism

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Reduce wasted time while boosting the results with our DELUXE Personal Training

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Reduce wasted time while boosting the results with our DELUXE Personal Training

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"I started with Adriano following extremely bad ankle injury, for the purpose of rehabilitation and general core strengthening, in order to avoid injury happening again. Over our sessions I regained full use of my ankle and also feel fitter and stronger. Adriano has been GREAT, kept me motivated and gave me confidence to start running again. Thank you Adriano"

Barbara Nowak

"I was very happy to have Adriano as my trainer. I lost more than 10 kg with him in about 3 months time (after a pregnancy weight gain) with a healthy and responsible diet, and I never even felt hungry, believe it or not! It requests certain discipline but with Adriano's guidance and support it is very well to do. Also his physical training were of very high level - both in intensity and quality. He was just what I needed - a strict and consequent coach. Each time I belived and hoped it will be easier on a next session because I was getting in a better shape but just next time, the level would go one step higher. He keeps you on the edge and gets the best results out of you... Read More "

Marianna Grigorieva

"Adriano is a professional and loyal member of the Get Fit Stay Fit personal training team. He always find a way to make a tailer made program challenging and variable. Great work!"

Tjeerd Mouthaan

"Adriano is a personal trainer who strikes an excellent balance between his personable skills and focus on motivating and encouraging a high level of commitment from clients. He is very knowwledgable about the impact of pyhsical excercise on the body offering adaptaions and advice about injuries. Adriano is also extremely knowledgeble about nutrition, planning personal nutrition packages to fit the needs of each individual. I would highly recommmend him. "

Karren van Zoest

"“Gives most excellent advice! Highly knowledgeable on everything to do with his subject.”"

Robert Mansell

"Adriano makes you work hard - but you see amazing results because of this. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the physiology of the body, nutrition, exercise and anything related. You can feel confident that you are in expert hands."

Ellen Byrne

"“Adriano is an excellent personal trainer. My husband and I have been training with him for 2 years. He has helped us bring exercise back into our lives and transformed our exercise and diet routines in a very positive way, helping us get rid of bad habits and developing a more healthy and active lifestyle. He is one of the most serious, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals that I have come across in his profession, and is also a pleasure to work with.....” "

Graziela Cajado Ogland and Joachim Ogland

"I hired Adriano to train me to run a marathon. He built a comprehensive programme to ensure resistence, strength and cardio -- so that the whole body was fit to endure such challenge. It was excellent and I got great results -- I could not have done it without him! We have been training together since."

Daniela Barone Soares

"I would highly recommend Adriano as a personal trainer and nutritional expert.Adriano has been training me for almost one year and it has been successful, interesting and fun. He has been instrumental in helping me overcome a long standing injury. "

Olaf Gueldner

"Adriano has helped me get back into shape post pregnancy, he is very disciplined, knowledgeable, thinks of the long term not only the short term and was able to design a comprehensive program to help me get back into shape. "

Sabine Azancot-Bergel

"“Adriano works magic.”"

Tory Frame

"“I have hired Mr. Santos at Rythmos Academia in Bauru/Brazil, our hometown, as my personal trainer/PT. He has demonstrated great efforts during the whole time when he was my PT, with results above average and also with an engagement at his duties..." "

Augusto Ronchi

"“Adriano is passionate about his work, a true professional. Many people do a short course and then call themselves a personal trainer, which is dangerous. Adriano is highly qualified and researches each individual clients needs and designs programmes to suit. He encourages and motivates you to work hard but is not pushy. I highly recommend Adriano as a personal trainer.” "

Chris Eager

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